People Media Factory

People Media Factory

People Media Factory is a Seattle based Production Company specializing in pre-production setup, post production setup, co-production, Events.

Content Factory

Content/Script Library

Our Skilled writers craft diverse scripts for productions, currently reviewing 72 scripts for engagement and discussion.

Music Library

Music enhances storytelling through collaboration with skilled composers and musicians that enrich our stories.

Visual Design Library

Visual design crew creates elements that convey stories mood and feel, ensuring effective storytelling.

Product Design Library

In product design, we carefully create props, sets, and elements to enhance the authencity of our storystelling.

Character Design Library

Our skilled designers craft relatable, impactful characters for stories that deeply connect with the audience.

Choreography - Stunt/Dance

Our choreography team collaborates with directors and performers to enhance storytelling.

Studio Infrastructure


Our outdoor studios offer Versatile, Advanced facilities for capturing diverse landscapes and stories.

Virtual Production

Our Virtual studios utilize advanced technology for dynamic scenes which improves storytelling and production efficiency.


Our outdoor studios offer Versatile, Advanced facilities for capturing diverse landscapes and stories.

Other Studios

We collaborate with global studios for specialized resources, enhancing creative possibilities.

Our Team

Writers Room

Content Developers, Dialogue Writers, Screenplay Writers, Script Doctor, Logline Creaters, Content Analysts

Production Team

Executive Producers, Production Controller, Line Producer, Production Manager

Outdoor Unit

Focus Puller, Assistant Cameraman, Light Man

Virtual Studio

VFX Supervisor, Compositer, Developers, Animators, Concept Artists, Rigging Artists, Unreal Engine Expert, Modelors

Music Library

Musicians, Keyboard Players, Music Programmers, SME's in Music

Other Domains

Operations Shared Services, Finance & Accounting, Digital Marketing Services, Distribution, Business Teams

Get in touch

We're always on the lookout to work with new clients. If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch in one of the following ways.


People Media Factory
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People Media Factory
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