A SWAGified Update : Intorducing Sree Vishnu as RAZOR in SWAG

A SWAGified update from the movie team as they announced the mesmerizing introduction of Sree Vishnu in his latest avatar as “Razor” IN SAWG.

Sree Vishnu takes on the role of Bhavabhuti, the face of male pride, with unmatched intensity and Unlimited SWAG. His character, దివాకర్ పేట SI భవభూతి, to leave a lasting impression with his swag and powerful screen presence in the RAZOR teaser. The stunning transformation of Sree Vishnu as RAZOR in SWAG is set to leave the audience spellbound after the movie’s release.

Starring the king of content, Sree Vishnu, alongside Ritu Varma and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles, the movie team has also announced some important characters, including Sharanya Pradeep, Sunil, Ravi Babu, Getup Srinu, Gopa Raju Ramana Garu.

Director Hasith Goli works his magic once again in this teaser, and Vivek Sagar’s musical brilliance made it more engaging.

Behind the scenes, the production is in good hands, with T.G Vishwa Prasad as the producer and Vivek Kuchibhotla as the co-producer, bringing their expertise to the project.

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