Manchu Manoj Back In Action With The BlackSword From “Mirai”

We have some exciting news from the MIRIA movie. The movie team released the “Black Sword Glimpse” teaser staring Rocking star MANCHU MANOJ a.k.a THEBLACKSWORD

Starring the dynamic duo Teja Sajja and Ritika Nayak in the lead roles and now Rocking star “MANCHU MANOJ” brings a new dimension to the Mirai which has ignited a frenzy of interest.

The “Black Sword Glimpse” looks mesmerizing with Manchu Manoj’s dynamic new role with striking black avatar and wielding a sword in hand. The teaser showcases breathtaking action sequences, stunning visual effects and fiery background music. Showcasing The Black Sword is central to the glimpse and elevates Manoj’s character is the most powerful force in the world of MIRAI.

With this film, Manchu Manoj is set to transforming from a talented actor into “MOST POWERFUL FORCE “

Karthik Gattamneni with his masterful direction and editing every element of the teaser has been meticulously curated to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience. Gowra Harii is scoring background music for Mirai and mastered technician art director Sri Nagendra tangala working for this project.

Behind the scenes, the production is under the able guidance of producer T.G. Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla as the co-producer “Mirai: The Super Yodha” is being crafted with precision and dedication, ensuring that every aspect of the movie exudes excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the release of “Mirai: The Super Yodha” and witness the dawn of a new fantasy action in Indian cinema.