Sharwanand’s “MANAMEY” Teaser Will Make This Summer The Coolest Ever

Manamey team has released the latest teaser of the much-awaited romantic family entertainer. The teaser showcased a delightful blend of romance, family bonds, and heartfelt emotions.

Starring the dynamic duo of Sharwanand and Krithi Shetty, Vikram Aditya in the lead roles and Seerat Kapoor, Aayesha khan others in supporting roles in this wholesome entertainer. The teaser is packed with laughter and heartfelt moments,with its captivating visuals, engaging characters and refreshing music. Sharwanand in an ultra-stylish role alongside the charming Krithi Shetty and kid Vikram Aditya who steals hearts with his cuteness in the teaser. Manamey promises to be a delightful family entertainer.

Sriram Aditya. T with his unique storytelling and engaging narratives brings this movie more promising with his creative vision to life in this romantic saga.

Hesam Abdul Wahab, a recent sensation for his captivating melodies composed music for Manamey and the song “IKA NA MAATE” has been trending in YouTube worldwide. The cinematography was done by VISHNU SARMA, GNANA SHEKAR V.S and editing by PRAWIN PUDI for this film.

Behind the scenes, the production is in good hands, with T.G Vishwa Prasad as the producer and Vivek Kuchibhotla as the co-producer, bringing their expertise to the project. “MANAMEY” is proudly produced by People Media Factory, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of cinema.

Stay tuned for more updates as “Manamey” to experience the magic of love and family like never before.