Team MaaKaali With Hon.Governer CV Ananda Bose

Maa Kaali searches into the forgotten chapters of Bengal’s history, the team has gathered for a special event to unveil the posters of this anticipated movie.

In the middle of this anticipation and curiosity, the movie’s team had the honor of meeting the distinguished Bengal Governor, Dr. CV Ananda Bose, to unveil the mesmerizing poster of “Maa Kaali.

The posters rewind the roots of the Ghosh family, 78 years back, lost in chaos of riots in Bengal. Amidst the chaos of riots and the echoes of history, the Ghosh family’s tale resonates with the essence of Bengal’s spirit – resilient and deeply rooted in tradition.

Directed by Vijay Yelakanti, this cinematic masterpiece unravels the enigmatic story of Bengal’s erased past. Staring Abhishek Singh and Raima Sen in lead roles as their performances breathe life into characters for this untold story.

As the journey of “Maa Kaali” unfolds, the movie is in good hands with T.G Vishwa Prasad as producer and Vivek Kuchibhotla as co-producer for their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Stay tuned as “Maa Kaali” continues its journey towards the silver screen showing the spirit of Bengal’s rich culture.